We teach our team to Learn, then Earn

The fundamentals of trading can be easily missed if a trader isn’t guided properly.  Options Players has adopted a “Learn to Earn” mindset that helps to enforce good habits.

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Over 5,000 Members worldwide rely on Options Players

Options Players consist of new traders and experienced traders alike.  Our unique approach of socializing trading in a collaborative way helps to ensure that we can all be successful, and share what we know.

We provide the tools to help build your success

Whether you are looking at basic price charts or plotting complex spread symbols with overlayed strategy backtesting, we have the tools and data you need. Enjoy our analysis, make your own charts, and share them on our forums.

What we offer

Stock market.

Social Learning

Team up with traders with a wide array of backgrounds, and determine what type of trader you want to become. The community is here to help you.

Online Coaching

Learn from the best in the industry in real-time, and gain the knowledge necessary to trade like a pro.

Mobile App

Always connected!  With our class-leading mobile application, you will be able to stay engaged with your community and train at your own pace.  There is no limit to where your success can take you.

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